We would like to extend a very special thank-you to all the of the Ocean fans, budtenders and dispensaries who support our Smoke The Ocean Clean movement! You are the driving force that's it all happen. Together we can all make a huge impact on plastic pollution and the environment! The equivalent of 3 million straws worth of plastic have been pulled from the ocean in 2020. When you smoke Ocean Cannabis products, you help clean the ocean and save the earth.


The mission of Ocean Cannabis is to support the cleanup of the world’s oceans and rid them of plastic. The brand’s child-resistant plastic tubes are made from 100% plastic that has been reclaimed and recycled from the ocean, each product representing the equivalent of 15 straws from the ocean. Ocean Cannabis Company aims to accelerate the removal of ocean plastic with the long-term goal of a plastic-free ocean. #Smoketheoceanclean


Ocean Cannabis Company was founded by Patrick and Mary Ersig, Southern California cannabis enthusiasts who left their careers in nonprofit in 2013 and began their own boutique medical cannabis business. Their love for the Southern California beach lifestyle led them to create Ocean Cannabis Company, a provider of high quality cannabis products that uses recycled ocean plastic in its packaging.

Facts about Ocean Plastic

  • Over 8 million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans every year. 
  • That is the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic every minute.
  • There is more micro plastic in the ocean than there are stars in the Milky Way.
  • It is estimated that over five trillion pieces of plastic trash litter the oceans.
  • If nothing is done by 2050, plastic in the ocean will outweigh fish.
  • 95% of plastic is used only one time and then discarded.
  • Over one million seabirds are killed by ocean pollution each year.

Ocean Cannabis is doing its part to help reduce plastic in our oceans with its full line of quality cannabis products, available in licensed dispensaries throughout California.