New Smoker: OCEAN VAPES There Is No Planet B…

Be a good steward to yourself, so you can be a good steward to Mother Earth. Ocean Cannabis Co. cares about sustainability as much as it cares about quality buds. Pre-rolls, concentrates, and quality vape carts are on offer with minimal impact to nature.

Unlike all those other companies that force baby seals to smoke blunts, or fill their cartridges with oil tanker sludgeOkay, maybe it’s not quite that drastic- but the Ocean Cannabis Co. sure as Shea butter don’t waste resources on ornate packaging, or rely on harmful pesticides. Quite the opposite actually. They do beach cleanup days and use recycled ocean plastics on all their products, for which in turn they have recycling programs. Showing “The Man” that being high and eco-conscious are fruits from the same tree.

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